Temecula Pizza Company


Photo by: Michael Chavarria

The crew here at Taste of Temecula have grown from a one-man-band to a entourage. As such, we needed a destination large enough to fit all of the staff and our children, yet provide us with good food and drink for our first-ever meeting.

The Temecula Pizza Company was our destination tonight. We had their newly-added back room to ourselves, which was a good thing, so that the rambunctious kids did not drive the other diners crazy. The room was simple, yet cozy. Extremely heavy and well-built wood tables and chairs were the decor along with a large armoire filled with wine, which accounted for our hefty wine bill.

Photo by: Michael Chavarria

Photo by: Michael Chavarria

Our small group of 20 or so started the night with a Pepperoni pizza, then a White Lady, then a Mediteraneano, followed by the Butch Cassidy, garlic bread, cheese bread and more pizzas, chased down with copious amounts of Root Beer, Merlot, Flat Tire, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc in no particular order.

The pizza runs between a thin crust and a regular crust. Cooked in a deck oven it obtains a nice balance between crunchy and soft dough. The sauces are on the mild side, and serve as a backdrop to the condiments. The first time you experience Temecula Pizza Company, try their combinations, they are well thought out and taste great. If you don’t find anything to your fancy you could order a custom pizza.

Photo by: Michael Chavarria

Photo by: Michael Chavarria

The restaurant is divided into two sides, the first resembling an informal pizzeria, where you can watch the action of the pizza makers and the other half is a dining room, with is little more secluded and quiet.

Service was unexpectedly excellent. Our table was laid out with Styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery when we walked-in, which framed our expectations on the low side. Fortunately the server was on the ball, and managed our eclectic group with ease and grace, despite children trying to tackle him.

If you have never tried the pizza here, then do.

When you go, you must try the pickled Jalapeños. Very unique, and a must-have item with your pizza. Try it and you will be impressed.

For more info, check out their website at Or contact them by phone at (951) 694-9463.

Review by: Crispin Courtenay

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