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The Edge: Old Town Does Swanky


Here’s a thought provoking question… It’s a special occasion, let’s just say it’s your anniversary, and you are looking to spend the evening someplace chic & sexy, with fabulous food, excellent service, and a killer vibe, where do you go? Our answer to this question a few weeks ago would have been, “San Diego of course!” Much to our surprise the new Old Town facelift provided a gem.

The Edge Dining Room

Photo courtesy of The Edge

Introducing: The Edge Restaurant & Lounge.

Last Wednesday we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary and had the opportunity to check out the new sleek restaurant we’d been eyeing for a couple of weeks on the corner of Front & 5th. Mostly it was the really cool outdoor heaters that caught our attention. What we experienced was something we never thought feasible for Temecula. Old Town is one of the best places to hang out or visit in the city, but the moment you step foot in The Edge Restaurant you’re transported from a old western setting into an elegant, high-end, urban venue; you may as well pretend that San Francisco is just outside.

The Vibe

The dining room is limited in seating, but the style is grandeur, similar to high profile restaurants in Las Vegas. The semi-private booths made it ideal for our romantic dinner experience. Live acoustic music playing in the lounge trickled over into the dining area. Needless to say, The Edge team nailed the ambience factor.

The food and the vibe were only matched by excellent service. The staff was friendly and helpful, not hoity-toity like many of the upscale restaurants of today.

The Food

Ahi Cigars

Photo courtesy of The Edge

We had the privilege of having our meal selected and prepared by Executive Chef Kevin Manolovitz. Kevin has served as Executive Chef for a long line of high profile restaurants so we were very excited to see what he had to offer.

Our course began with the Ahi Cigars and Foie Gras from the Small Plate menu. The Ahi Cigars are made up of strips of rare Ahi tuna wrapped in a crispy spring roll; they looked like actual cigars. The cigars are meant to be dipped in a side of sweet and spicy Thai sauce, and then dabbed in black sea salt that resembles ash. The Ahi Cigars were genius and unbelievably tasty. The Foie Gras gently rested on toasted challah with mushroom butter and a fresh organic honeycomb combing the sweet and savory flavors to stimulate your taste buds. This appetizer left us wishing it were a big plate item.

Next came the Edge Salad and Deconstructed French Onion Soup. The salad was a newly inspired take on a typical wedge salad. Atop of the wedge is a softly poached egg to be broken and incorporated into the Buttermilk dressing. The soup was the best French Onion we’ve ever had. A French Onion soup typically has a slice of bread with a baked cheesy top, but Kevin’s deconstructed version placed the bread and cheese separate. Next to the soup was a butter brioche griddled cheese just perfect for dipping. This concept completely eliminates the soggy bread you normally get with French Onion.

Before the introduction of our main course, we cleansed our palates with Grape Sorbet. Our server, Willow (great name by the way), proceeded to tell us that The Edge uses the finest organic grapes handpicked from Temecula’s very own Farmer’s Market. The sorbet, by the way, was great.

Autumn Pork

Photo courtesy of The Edge

We were presented with three separate main courses. The first, a Kobe Pot Roast. You could tell this dish was slow roasted when our forks sliced seamlessly through the tender meat. The flavor was brought out by its cabernet demi glace topped with pearl onions. The roast was surrounded on either side with Mascarpone cream potatoes andEnglish peas. The second, Prime Swordfish, was fabulous. An exquisite piece of fish surrounded by fresh pasta, a tomato caper emulsion, fried basil, and air-dried cherry tomatoes (not sun dried?).

The last, and most cherished dish of the evening was the Autumn Pork Square. At first glance you see the bacon wrapped square resting atop a *** of Garnet Yams and under a structure of Tempura Chiles, but what makes this dish great is the unseen. Within the square is a mixture of Korubuta Pork, Medjool Dates, and Serrano Chiles. The taste is tantalizing to the buds with every part of the dish complimenting the others perfectly. The Serrano gives it a little kick, but you mainly get the flavor of the chile, rather than the heat. If you are looking to experience a course that is fresh, inventive, and wonderful… we highly recommend the Autumn Pork.

Chocolate Pie

Photo courtesy of The Edge

Up to this point, I must admit that all of our plates were taken back to the kitchen practically wiped clean. We had eaten everything! It must have given Kevin great pride in seeing his beautiful works of art disappeared on the plates return.

Dessert arrived, and this time Kevin himself greeted us. He came to the table presenting a sweet cream Chocolate Pie and a Poached PearwithRoasted Hazelnut Port Cake.  He informed us the Chocolate Pie came from a family recipe over 30 years old. The sweet cream gave the pie a fluffy texture while the flaky crust held the dessert together. There are no doubt good reasons why this recipe survived that long. The Poached Pear dish was equally decadent. The pear was drizzled in a maple crème anglaise and sat across the plate from the yummiest hazelnut port cake you will ever sink your teeth into. These desserts were the perfect completion to an unforgettable meal.

Though we recommend The Edge restaurant without reserve based on the food alone, Kevin’s style and fresh take on food matched with a beautiful atmosphere create a perfect upscale dining experience. If you haven’t made a trip into Old Town to try out The Edge, you are only prolonging the inevitable.

Review by: Ashley & Jason Edmonds

For more information about The Edge Restaurant & Lounge or to make reservations, please visit their website at EdgeLounge.com or call them at (951) 506-edge (3343)

One thought on “The Edge: Old Town Does Swanky

  1. We’re looking forward to visiting the Edge. We got close one night by hanging out on the patio of the Collective next door & ordered the Beef Wellington appetizer – it was a great atmosphere!


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