Soro’s Meditterranean Grill

Looking for a completely unique “taste” of Temecula? Then you’ll want to visit Soro’s Mediterranean Grille in Old Town Temecula.

If you’ve lived in Temecula and visit Old Town, you’ll immediately be familiar with the location of Soro’s – it’s got a lot of history and local vibe. When you walk in you’re right at the order counter and have a great view of the food prep going on – you’ll probably see owners Dylan & Waleed cooking. There’s quaint indoor seating and outdoor seating is available as well under covered patio.

As you can see by the photo, we were enjoyed a giant platter of amazing food – a little sampling of the entire menu. Everything from homemade Hummus, to multiple types of salad, grilled chicken, falafel, shrimp curry, and these amazing grape leaf wrapped appetizers. There wasn’t an item on the platter that we did not thoroughly enjoy, but we did have our favorites which were:

  • Shrimp Curry – not too spicy and the shrimp was done perfectly with just enough rice.
  • Greek Salad – this was a mix of romaine, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, olives, perperochini, green peppers, & yogurt vinaigrette dressing – this was definitely one of the highlights of the platter.
  • Black Bean Salad – another favorite, another salad with black beans, garbanzo beans, corn, red peppers, roasted almonds, and golden raisins.

As we were eating, Owners, Dylan and his father, Waleed shared their desire to bring something special to the Temecula Valley. They said that this is their new home and they plan on being a huge part of the community. In fact, Waleed went so far to sat that anyone who enters the restaurant is immediately considered family, and we felt just that way. We enjoyed their company and hearing Waleed’s stories about the history of the family and business.

If you’re a little tired of the typical American burger, Mexian burrito, or Italian pasta, than check out this authentic Mediterranean eatery. Not only will you  be blown away by the amazing food, you’ll also have a great time connecting with the people in the restaurant. Make sure you ask to speak with Dylan or Waleed when you go in – you might spend a few more minutes that you planned, listening to some great stories!

Visit Soro’s on Front Street in Old Town Temecula right on the corner of 6th Street, or give them a call at 951-587-8082.

Photos courtesy of Mike Chavarria.

2 thoughts on “Soro’s Meditterranean Grill

  1. Great food amazing hospitality by the owner he made feel like we r home very very tasty food and I’m on my way to there sooooo delicious


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