Temecula Valley Cheese Company

Temecula Valley Cheese Company 2/26/09
Shawna /Jeff Smoot
Old Town Temecula under Gambling Cowboy Saloon
42072 5th street #101
951 693 9500
Open 7 days call for hours but usually open till 6-7

I have come to the Temecula Valley Cheese Factory for about a year and a half now and they have been open since September 2006.

They started by offering only cheese, however now additionally serve wine, beer and deli meats. Last year they added a secluded patio and “The Back Room” 4 small tables for tasting spotlighted cheeses and wines, great craft and imported beers and ales, plus a nice wine selection.

There are over 100 cheeses to sample – beautiful, wonderful cheese! I love their Red Lester and different Goudas. My wifes favorite is the Jalapeno gouda.

Instead of getting a sandwich this time I decided to do the wine and cheese pairing. $20.00 Wine and cheese pairing 4&4. The Source SB from Napa with Garroxta aged goat milk from Spain.
#1- Oh man, not to sweet very crisp and pairs really nice with the smoothness of Garroxta., Which is very firm and mild It has a great tangy milk flavor. I could enjoy this anytime of day, but I’m already thinking about a picnic in big bear.

#2 Napa Chard Freemar abbey 05 slightly buttery taste of oak / To cut tart of chard and bring out Some sweetness paired with the Vella Dry 1 year jack (Hard dry very buttery nutty). Ok, like The Chard not blown away, very pleasant nose, and nice but for me just misses a bit. But the cheese is really good. This jack is obviously a harder cheese and a stronger flavor but far far from overpowering I would love to have some dry salami or copa with this.

#3 Going red with Robert Renzoni from Temecula – Sangiovese mostly like a light cherry/ Pecorino, Tuscanano Sheeps milk aged over 2 years (nutty dry mildly salty. I love Sangioves! and Renzoni is no exception. I could spend more time sniff and swirling this wine more than drinking it but trust me I enjoyed every bit of it. The Cheese… ever see ‘What About Bob’ with Bill Murray? Ya know when he eats, he hums. Well I do the same thing when I’m really enjoying a meal.

#4 Hawk Watch from Warner Springs, Ca Meritage 05′ Earthy compared to sangiovese more oaky, slight hint of boysenberry black currant and cherry and vanilla / Gruyere made cows milk cheese made in Switzerland; Medium- strong in flavor very nutty and creamy but firm. We have a predicament: Warner Springs is about a 20-30 minute drive for me but i am compelled to go to Hawk Watch and try the rest of their wine. The Gruyere, well I could be happy eating a Gruyere sandwich with nothing on it. It’s that good.

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